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2010 Parklife in Brisbane

  September 25, 2010

Since my full-time role at the moment is as a writer, it’s been a while since I’ve shot an event such as a concert or music festival.

But I got the chance to take pics of a few of the bands at the Parklife music festival in Brisbane.

As per usual, we were allowed to take photos from the pit in front of the stage for the first three songs.

Since I also had to take social photos and write up an article I decided to take pics of three of the acts at the Riverstage: Midnight Juggernauts, Missy Elliott and Groove Armada.

Missy Elliott was definitely the craziest of the three and there was a lot of movement on stage but she was definitely aware of the cameras and made sure to stand in front of all of us and even gave me a close-up hair flick.

Groove Armada’s singer Saint Saviour was also a great subject, doing heaps of interesting poses during her dancing in gold sequin harem pants and long, frilly necklace thing.

Since most of my lens purchases are based around what’s best for underwater photography I found it worked best to switch between my wide angle 18-35mm and my 105mm for close-up shots of faces.

It obviously would have been a bit easier with two cameras with each lens but it wasn’t too much of a hassle to switch lenses when the artist was on the other side of the stage and I wouldn’t get a good shot anyway.

While my camera’s high ISO settings are ok, it would definitely have been better to have one of the newer cameras with even dark light settings. 

I still managed to get some nice sharp shots during the night-time sets though.

Here’s some of my favourites:

Midnight Juggernauts - If only his hand wasn't cut off at the top!

I like how it looks like he's surrounded by fire

Missy waving to the crowd, and horde of photographers

I like the playful expression on her face, and all the black space

I like the contrast of red and blue in the background, and her ghetto fabulous mic

Missy just before she flicks her hair in front of me

I think the different lines formed by the lights work in this shot

I like her expression in this shot, but the bass in the background is a bit distracting

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