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Cocos Keeling video

  December 27, 2010

On my recent trip to Cocos Keeling and Christmas Island I had a go at shooting my first videos on my newly acquired GoPro Hero video camera.

The video covers Cocos Keeling's diving, snorkelling and topside activities. Considering the camera I was shooting with I'm pretty happy with it. 

For some reason I can't embed it so just follow this link to view it through Vimeo.

Thanks to Kieren from DiveAround for helping me record the voiceover and choose the music.

The little GoPro camera shoots HD video and has a super wide-angle lens but no screen or viewfinder so you just aim and shoot.

They're very sturdy though and come with a 40metre rated underwater housing, which makes them great for any water based activities. 

The main challenge I had, other than not being able to see how I was framing a shot, was its focusing underwater. The lens cannot focus on things close up underwater so is only suitable for mid and wide shots. It also doesn't handle low light very well and had trouble picking up any of the warm colours, even if I was very shallow and it was sunny.

I'm currently putting together my videos on Christmas Island's red land crab migration and diving, so will post another blog when those are online.

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