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Freediving workshop, Vanuatu

March 28, 2011

I thought my crash course in freediving with Mike Wells last year was an eye opener, but my recent trip to Vanuatu with Mike and group of dive industry professionals for a four-day workshop has turned me into a freediver!

During my hour and a half crash course I held my breathe for two minutes but in just one more breathing session at the beginning of the workshop I got up to three minutes in the pool.

The next day we spent the morning doing our first freedives to 14 metres in Espiritu Santo's gorgeous Blue Hole.

And a quick photo I took of the huge tree on the edge of the hole:

Since we were so busy doing the workshop I didn't get a chance to take many photos until the day of Mike's big dive to the stern of the Coolidge.

Three of us went to the stern on scuba to document Mike's dive on photo and video, and while everything didn't go exactly according to plan, I'm happy with the images I got, considering it was my deepest dive ever (63m) and I was pretty narced:

Mike Wells at the stern of the SS President Coolidge:

I recommend this course to every scuba diver and snorkeler. During the three days of the workshop I increased my static apnea by a minute and freedived to 25m (82ft). 

I will definitely be using my newfound skills at home and on my dive trips to make the most of my surface intervals and non-dive days. And learning in an amazing location like Vanuatu, what could be better? 

We did a condensed workshop, but SSI dive shops, including Aquamarine on Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu, have instructors trained by Mike who can teach the full course.


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