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Night Dive on the ex-HMAS Brisbane

May 7, 2011

I finally went for my first night dive on the ex-HMAS Brisbane and despite the 5 metres vis and all the plankton in the water it was an enjoyable dive. I had my 60mm macro lens on the camera. My dive buddy and I penetrated the wreck on the first dive (twilight) and after coming up out of the engine room we sat on the deck and watched the schools of bait fish, snapper, surgeonfish, batfish and kingfish swirling around above us.?

On the safety stop I had a play with getting face/portrait shots of a friendly batfish and on the second, night dive we cruised down the side of the wreck looking for little crabs, shrimp and other critters for me to photograph. Here's the best results:

This is my favourite of the batfish shots. I think it shows the fish from a different angle.

A more traditional shot taking advantage of their lateral compression.

A tiny little crab with another one off to the right. Wish I had my 105mm macro for this guy.

Not sure what this little creature is, doesn't look like a nudi and I couldn't see any rhinophores.

And I can't swim past a lionfish without snapping a few pics, love these guys.



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