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July night dive Gold Coast Seaway    

July 15, 2011

After moving to the Sunshine Coast at the end of last year, I finally went for my first dive in the Gold Coast Seaway in 2011. I heard the conditions had been good for the past two weeks and was finally able to make it down for a night dive just as rain was moving in and the visibility was expected to drop in the coming days.

I've had more spectacular dives critter-wise at the south west wall but there was still plenty to see and the vis made it fairly easy to make photos.

There weren't many octopus out hunting and I couldn't find any of the resident seahorses but there were quite a few mating sea hares and groups of flutemouths.

Here's a few of my best shots:

I find these slender flutemouths hard to photograph, but got the eye in focus in this shot

mating sea hares - Aplysiidae species

love the colours of this urchin but could only get so close with the 60mm macro lens

an Obscure Hypselodoris (nudibranch)

A juvenile Toby (not sure which species) hides flat against the top of a rock

Movement alerted me to this very well camoflagued crab

another type of sea hare - Pleurobranchus peroni

A Trinchesia yamasui (nudibranch) with crab in the background.

a small anemone


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