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Kayak Photo Shoot

September 24, 2011

I've been waiting for a while to be able to blog about a photo shoot I did with Tootega's new range of kayaks back in May.

Sarah Richmond, our presenter on Sarah Shark, was my model and we went down to Tallebudgera Creek early one morning to do the shoot, with the help of our Sarah Shark producer/graphics guru Tim Rankin and his sister Amanda.

It was an interesting exercise for me to set up shots that both made the model and kayak look good as well as show the brand name on the side of the kayak. 

Sarah was a really good sport, especially since it was a bit cold, and of course she also got to splash water in my face repeatedly for one of the shots.

Tootega used one of the photos at a recent paddling conference in Germany (photo below) and several of the photos are in their new catalogue. 

So I'm now officially a commercial photographer!

Here's a few of my favourite shots:

so upset there's that drop of water right in front of Sarah's face on this one


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