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Night dive at Gold Coast Seaway

  September 19, 2010

Went for a quick and what turned out to be a chilly night dive at the Gold Coast Seaway on Sunday night.

I had done a bit of surf photography at Currumbin Beach the day before and found the water temp to be ok with the SharkSkin top and pants I was trying out.

But the water temp at the southwest wall was only 19C and even with my 2mm hooded vest on underneath the SharkSkin I started getting cold after the first 10 minutes.

Since I was the only diver there and there were quite a few fishermen around I stayed close to the beach.

I had my 105mm macro lens with the Woody’s wet diopter on and was looking for small stuff anyway.

I used a crab as a test subject to get my strobes set the way I wanted and then found a cute little Stick Pipefish (Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus). 

I found its face a bit hard to focus on since its skin was so dark but out of the corner of my eye I saw a little snake eel’s head poking out of the sand and he was much easier to photograph.

I had a quick hunt in the rocks for the little anglerfish that sometimes hang out there but couldn’t find one so I moved towards a patch of seagrass where I found a huge Lined Bubble Shell (Bullina lineata), easily the biggest I’ve ever seen.

Since I had such a close-up lens on I had to keep scooting back to try to get shots of the entire slug. I think the details of the shell are the best images I got out of the series.

I have been diving the southwest wall of the Gold Coast Seaway for three years now and I'm constantly amazed at the new critters I continue to find.  Despite its unpredictable visibility, I think it's the best spot on the Gold Coast for macro photography.

Stick Pipefish (Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus)

Snake eel

Lined Bubble Shell (Bullina lineata)

Lined Bubble Shell (Bullina lineata)

Lined Bubble Shell (Bullina lineata)

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