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2011 Sundive Shoot-out

May 21-29, 2011

Diving at Byron is always good and doing it with a bunch of other like-minded photographers at Sundive's annual shoot-out was heaps of fun.

The conditions during the first weekend were less than ideal to say the least - 5 to 7 metres visibility with a big swell. Taking macro photos in the Nursery was definitely challenging, but I'm pretty happy with what I got considering the swell.

I also had the chance to try out a Sony NEX-5 thanks to ScubaPix and while it was hard dealing with the slight shutter lag when I'm used to shooting with a dSLR, I got a few decent photos and some nice video of jewfish and kingfish surrounded by baitfish.

The video is coming soon, in the mean time here's my best pics:

This little guy did this a few times before I finally got a shot.

These jewfish near the Cod Hole let me get right in the middle of them.

Caught this guy running across the sand in the Nursery

Dive buddy Catherine taking a photo of a lionfish at the Cod Hole

Spent a lot of time trying to get a shot of this guy in the swell

Snapped this shot of a wobby surrounded by yellow bullseyes just before our safety stop

Tried to get an unusual angle (underneath) of this lionfish at the Cod Hole

I liked the ying and yang shape these wobbies made 

Managed to snap this shot of a school of cownose rays with the Sony NEX-5

And here's my winning shot from the demo category taken with the Sony NEX-5


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