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Surf Photography at Currumbin

  September 18, 2010

I've got a new project - surf photography.

Heather, a lecturer in ePhotojournalism at Griffith University (QCA), organised a morning for some of us from the Pineapple Press Club and her students to have a go at surf photography.

We tried to do the same thing at the QCA Photo Camp in March - see my blog entry - but the surf was way too big.

We had a decent swell this time too at Currumbin but it was manageable and with fins and a few boogie boards we were able to get out past the break. We stayed away from most of the surfers since we didn't want to get in their way - it was the first decent swell in ages  - and Heather's former student Jay surfed a few waves for us with a Go Pro video camera mounted to his board.

I didn't get any good shots of Jay surfing but I am quite happy with a few series I shot of waves breaking on a sandbar. I had the camera set on high quality continuous mode, so I could shoot six frames per second. Here are the results:

Series 1: wave breaking on sandbar

Series 2: surfer duck diving under a wave

Just by themselves waves are beautiful and dynamics subjects and now that spring is here I'm going to start going out to photograph waves from underwater, both with and without people.

The Gold Coast is an ideal place to do a project like this and I'm especially keen to get some images with nice pinks, purples and oranges at sunrise and sunset.

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