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Toowoomba Flowers

  October 16, 2010

I went to Toowoomba (east of Brisbane and northeast of the Gold Coast) for the first time to visit my friend Penny and brought the camera along to take a few pics.

Most of our time was spent enjoying long brunches or wine tastings but we also took a walk through one of the city's gardens.

Toowoomba is known for its flowers, it hosts a flower festival each spring, and luckily it was the right time of year. Only problem was we had near gale-force winds and some of the flowers, especially the tulips, looked a bit worse for wear.

I still like some of the shots I made, so here they are:

Not sure what these are called but I love the spots on the insides of the flowers

Daisies are so simple but I think they're cheerful, if that's possible for a plant

peach-coloured roses

spotted this cute little yellow/green spider on this flower

colour and pattern study with shallow depth field

couldn't resist snapping this yellow flower against all of the red ones

thought these flowers were very striking, didn't notice how textured the leaves were

parting wide angle shot of one of the garden's flower beds in full bloom

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