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Weedy Seadragons

  October 7, 2010

I came across some images the other day I made of weedy seadragons (Phyllopteryx taeniolatu) in Tasmania last year that I’d forgotten about.

They were taken in a shallow bay after some deep dives at the Sisters Rocks but had been passed over in the editing process for some better ones I’d shot of another seadragon in the kelp forest at Fortescue Bay.

It was a very relaxed dive in just a few metres of water with Eaglehawk Dive Centre owners Karen Gowlett-Holmes and Mick Baron.

Karen found something under an overhang and stayed there the whole dive. I wandered around looking for a seadragon eye amongst the expanse of brown kelp.

Of course Mick found two or three in the time I found one and pointed them out to me before heading back to the boat.

With Mick’s help I got this photo of the three seadragons but they only stayed near each other for a few frames before moving apart. Still I think it’s quite unusual to have so many in one shot.

But the image I was most happy to rediscover was the psychedelic, almost painting-like image I shot with the camera on rear flash mode. It’s a setting I still need to play around with more underwater.

I got quite good at using it in different night-time settings like nightclubs and in brightly lit streets but I wouldn’t say I’m that adept with it underwater.

I just love all the colours in this shot. From memory, I think I hit the shutter as I was swimming towards the seadragon to help create motion since the dragons themselves don’t move very fast.

Just a bit of fun and who doesn’t love seadragons? They’re like cute little wind-up toys.

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