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Gold Coast Seaway night dive

March 28, 2010


I went for my first dive in the Gold Coast Seaway in the past two months last night and was hoping to try out my external strobe sensor but the current was too strong to have much of a play around with it.

I went to the southwest wall a bit early to have a quick dive before meeting Kieren and some of the uni dive club members for a dive in the main channel, but the visibility there was less than half a metre chocolate milk.

So over to the main channel I went and even though I splashed in right at high tide, or what it was supposed to be, the slack was virtually non-existent.

I found the pinapple fish just to the left of the short pipe, which I’ve been meaning to go find and photograph for a while, and tried to take my strobe with the remote sensor off the arm but it was too constricted in the crevice to position it much further from where it could reach on the arm anyway.

The current was also pretty strong so I didn’t want to risk having to chase after it.

The pineapple fish were shy at first, but after a while started swimming right up to the dome port to check it out.

Also in their little crevice was an angelfish, lionfish and a very tiny juvenile yellow boxfish.

The only other photos worth mentioning are close-ups I took of a lionfish’s pectoral fin over near the sand pipe. I find the fins of lionfish really beautiful, like Chinese fans or sails, but I’m still not sure how best to do detail shots of them.

I like to get in the shape of them but if you try to show the whole fin without the rest of the fish it can look a bit funny. It’s something I want to keep exploring, whenever I’ve got a macro lens on the camera and there’s a lionfish around.

Nothing too flash but it was good to have a splash. 


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